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Event Details

FREE Hamilton Rogers Small Business Centre event

March  21, 2017    Hamilton, ON
The Rogers Small Business Centre in Hamilton invites you to our upcoming Rogers Small Business Centre event, where we'll be discussing how you can leverage the power of your office from anywhere and how to stay productive while on the go. You'll hear from guest speaker Swarochish Goswami in our newest event series: Productivity Advice for the Time-Starved Entrepreneur. Swarochish Goswami will reveal the tools entrepreneurs should be using to edge out their competition, and drive their businesses forward. Leave this workshop with a plan for:
  • How to make technology work for you. Leverage the best tools and apps that will turn your devices into productivity engines
  • Game-changing email and calendar scheduling hacks that will help you accomplish more and fend off distractions
  • The 80/20 rules you need to know to hone the 20% of activities responsible for 80% of your business growth
  • Simple yet critical ways to increase energy and find your work flow so you can function at your highest levels each week
Where: Rogers Small Business Centre (McNain Store) 1400 Upper James St, L9B 1K3
Time: 530PM - 730PM