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Event Details

Canadian Real Estate Investors Seminar LIVE Training

July  19, 2017    Calgary, AB
Fortune in Flipping for Profit Canadian Real Estate Investors seminar LIVE Training You will learn: Top 10 secrets of finding deep discounted deals Forgivable Canadian real estate grants Fortune in liens and judgements Court ordered sales Sale of lands by Public tender Tax Sale properties Civil Enforcement-Seizures Evictions by court orders Evaluate any property in seconds In depth 'Due Diligence' Quick flips with no money down Wholesale real estate Assignment of real estate contracts Private Canadian hard money lenders Canadian real estate cash buyers Pre Foreclosures Power of Sale properties Fix and Flip for profit 911 Panic Candian home sellers Surplus proprties Hidden profits in Power of sale/Foreclosure redemption period Canadian real estate Auctions Private Canadian hard money lenders Increase CASH flow and VALUE of your house at no cost how to access private Trillion Dollars from fellow Canadians and lot more
Contact:Navtaj Chandhoke : 1-416-409-7300
Where: 2500 48th Avenue NE
Time: 6:30PM-9:30PM
Hosted by:Navtaj Chandhoke