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Buying a Business

By Olga Gil |

Chris asked:

I want to buy a business in Toronto and I need help toevaluate it prior to making an offer. Can you please guide me to anindividual/company that provides such services?

Olga Gil answered:

Before buying a business you need to find out everything you can about it. This will be relatively simple if the company is traded on the stock exchange. SEDAR ( will give you background and financial information on it.

If the company is privately held, less information may be publicly available and it may be more difficult to locate. The company's web site, Strategis ( and Scott's web site ( are your best sources. The value of the company in each case is going to be an approximation.

You should also get a credit rating report., which will tell you how promptly the company pays its bills.

The following table gives you a visual idea of what needs to be done in research a company:

Public Private
Company Web Site
Strategis (
Scott's (
Company Web Site

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