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Do I have to pay fees to the province after my company has been dissolved?

By Stan Galbraith |

Bev asked:

My husband and I had asked our accountant many times to dissolve our company since 2008. She has not complied with our wishes and now she has called to say that the Alberta government is wanting their fees from 2008.

So we are undertaking this task but I am at a loss as how to answer this question: do we have any liabilities? I know that there are no taxes owing to CRA as the last amount owing from 2008 was paid out finally this last fall. I don't know how much the Alberta government wants and I don't know who to contact to find out. The only shareholders were my husband and myself and the corporation has no property. Also the Alberta Articles of Dissolution also asks who will keep these records for six years from the date of dissolution. Who would that be and why does someone other than us have to keep these records?

Stan Galbraith answered:

If there are no taxes owing then there are no taxes owing.

As for the six years, you can keep your own records. The point is that once the corporation is dissolved it does not exist so a named individual must then take over as the record keeper.

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