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If incorporated federally, do I need to register my business in each province?

By Stan Galbraith |

Lala asked:

I have incorporated my web designing business federally. From what I understood incorporating federally means I don't have to do it provincially. Is that right? Or am I missing something here because at the bank I was told my company was not registered locally in BC where I live. What does that mean? Do I have to incorporate in BC as well?

Stan Galbraith answered:

Federal incorporation is just that: federal incorporation.

In order to do business in any province you must register your Corporation in that province. This is not the same as incorporation, however, in most provinces the filing fee is the same. You must register in every province where you plan to do business.

Since federal incorporation requires you to register in each province, typically we recommend you incorporate in your home province and then register as an extra-provincial corporation in any other province where you wish to do business.

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