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Shipping Quotas

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Yilin asked:

Is there a quota for importing clothing from China into Canada?

Is there a quota for exporting clothing from Canada to US?


Permits are no longer required to import clothing into Canada except if the clothing, or any textile product, is eligible for a tariff preference level (TPL) established under NAFTA, CCFTA, or CCRFTA. The TPL is a quota for goods from the US, Mexico, Chile, or Costa Rica and, up to a certain number (quota), may be imported at a lower rate of duty than that applied when the quota has been filled.

We are unaware of a quota for clothing from Canada that is shipped to the U.S.

However, in both cases, we would suggest that any potential importer speak to a customs broker, since rules and regulations can change very quickly and information provided now may not be correct at a later date.

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