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Start Up Grants for Young Women in British Columbia

By Erin Hanson |

Nadine asked:

I am looking for some information on start up grants for a small business. Are there any specific ones for young women?

Erin Hanson answered:

I am not aware of any grants available at this time that are specific to female youth for business start up.

The Women's Enterprise Centre (WECBC)offers a demand loan program combined with a Management Support Program. This is a loan care program that incorporates free analysis and ongoing counselling support. Our business analysts help clients review and discuss their businesses progress monthly, and clients are encouraged to discuss business related issues and ideas with their analysts any time something arises. In addition WECBC provides training and business information resources and referrals for both start up and existing businesses operated by women in British Columbia. We also provide a program in conjunction with partner organizations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to provide business links for women who have operated their businesses for at least a year.

The WECBC can be reached by calling 1-800-643-7014. You can also find them on the Internet at

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