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What forms need to be used after an audit?

By John R Mott |

Ian asked:

We have recently undergone a CRA Employer Compliance audit. As a result, I have to issue T2200s for 2009 and 2010 tax years to many employees. Can I use the same form (eg: T2200 E (10)) for both years by just changing the differing data (year and dollar amounts) or do I need to use the T2200 E (09) for 2009 and the T2200 E (10) for 2010 meaning retyping all of the common data? I had used the same form and had one person's accountant come back and say I had to reissue with the form numbers matching the tax years.

John R Mott answered:

You should use the version of the form that is applicable to the particular taxation year.

Prior year versions of the T2200 are available on the CRA web site going back to 2003.

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