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Working for large Canadian bank as a consultant on a 6 month contract

By Ron Guest |

Derek asked:

I was consulting for a large Canadian bank on a six month staffing contract. I was informed after I had worked the entire month of September and three weeks of October that the director I worked for would only approve portions of what I billed. I have never even heard of anything like this in my entire career. What action can I or should I take?

Ron Guest answered:

These arrangements should be covered off in a signed contract in terms of what work is to be done for what price and in what time period. The only recourse now is legal action where the terms of the contract would come in to question.

Even in the absence of a contract the situation would be looked at in terms of intent of both parties.

Another course before legal action would be to go to someone higher in the company, which of course has its risks too. The best way to avoid all this is a detailed contract at the outset and then weekly submittal of time sheets for approval weekly or even daily such as a case like this.

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