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Travel Agent Credentials

Expert: Louise Blazik

Ryan asked:

I would like to start selling travel on the side - become a travel agent - do I need to gain some sort of registration or certificate? If so how do I go about it?

Louise Blazik answered:

Registration and certification varies by province as well as country. In Ontario, travel agencies must be registered with TICO - Travel Industry Council of Ontario individuals working as travel agents/travel counsellors do not need to be registered or certified at this time. Formal training is highly recommended as the career of a travel professional is very complex, one may visit our site

An individual may choose to sell travel as a home-based agent however one needs to be associated with a registered travel agency to earn commissions from travel suppliers. Proper training is extremely important for home-based agents as they must abide by the governing laws (refer to TICO) and due to the complexity of the business.

About the author

Louise Blazik is the founder and president of the Travel Training Career Centre which was founded in 1980. You can find the Centre online at

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