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Trouble using Quickbooks

Expert: Quickbooks Technician

Leanne asked:

My memorized transactions are not printing off properly or not at all. Sometimes it adds a few more from the mem.trans.list. Why? We have deleted them and redone them. Is there a reason for why they don't print? We have 200 some companies and proably 14 of them don't print off. Some did at one time others haven't yet since we started Quickbooks 2002 last year.

Quickbooks Technician answered:

Based on the information that has been given to us, we have a solution to the problem at hand for you. The first step would be to determine what "release" of Quickbooks 2002 you are currently running. To do so, while in Quickbooks, hit the "F2" key on your keyboard. This will bring up the Product Information screen. The top line next to "Product" will tell us what release you have installed. It should read something like "Quickbooks 2002 Pro for Windows Release RX or RXP" where "X" is the release number. If your release is lower than 7, you should update immediately, as release 7 is current for the product.

Instructions for updating to the latest maintenance release are available on our website at

As far as your specific issue regarding memorized transactions, updating to the latest maintenance release as discussed above should stop this issue from occurring in all future transactions. However you will have to delete and re-enter all of your memorized transactions that currently exist to achieve this. The "R5" maintenance release repaired some issues with current memorized transactions, however you would have to delete, re-enter and re-memorize your list of transactions for the changes to take affect for future transactions.

Web support for Quickbooks is available at, or over the phone at 1-877-772-9158.

About the author

Quickbooks is produced by Intuit Canada Limited. The company produces a line of money and business management software including Quicken, Quick Tax, and Quickbooks.

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