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Ask an Expert

Finding Plant Wholesalers in B.C.

Expert: Joseph Salemi

Ela asked:

Where I can find a wholesaler to sell ornamental salal to? I have plenty of it growing and ready to be harvested.

Joseph Salemi answered:

This may answer your question. All members of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association that are nursery growers or garden centres are invited to advertise their nursery stock on the CNLA website, Anyone who is looking for a specific product such as ornamental salal may go and search the database. The results that come back offer species type and contact information for the nursery or garden centre that carries it. The plant finder database receives approximately 100-150 searches per day and translates which eventually translates into additional revenue for the advertising members. For $125 per year a CNLA member can advertise their entire nursery stock.

In fact, I ran a search on ornamental salal in the Plant Finder database and found nine nurseries that offer that product. The nursery that is looking to sell their ornamental salal may do so by advertising their stock on the CNLA website.

About the author

Joseph Salemi is the Communications Co-ordinator with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA). You can find the CNLA online at

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