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Opening a Nightclub in Manitoba

Expert: Winnipeg Municipal Office

Tyler asked:

I wish to start up a night club in Winnipeg, MB. In this club I wanted to sell alcohol and some food such as popcorn, hotdogs, and nachos. I was wondering how I would go about starting, registering and obtaining licenses for all of this.

Winnipeg Municipal Office answered:

To start the kind of nightclub that you have described you will need three licenses from the City of Winnipeg. They are:

Food Handling Establishment License
You can get a license application from The City of Winnipeg municipal offices. Return your application along with the corresponding fee to move onto the next stage of licensing. Here is a breakdown of the fees:

Temporary: $210.00
Limited: $200.00
All others: $330.00

To receive this license the business space must pass zoning compliance and health inspection tests as they apply to food preparation.

Billard Parlour, Amusement Parlour & Amusement Device License
This application can also be obtained at the City of Winnipeg municipal office and returned with the corresponding fees. Depending on what definition applies to you, here is what you can expect to pay:

Amusement Device: $89.00
Amusement Parlour: $638.00
Billiard Parlour: $125.00

Similar to the food license, you will then be required to have the business space zoning compliant, and inspected by a health officer.

Depending on which classification you fall into your building may also need to pass a fire safety inspection, and submit a document known as a record review. These record review applications can also be found at the municipal offices.

About the author

The City of Winnipeg provides a variety of local services such as licenses and permit applications for businesses. You can find them online at

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