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Ask an Expert

Starting a business in Leduc, Alberta

Expert: Patricia Klak

David asked:

I would like to start a record store in Leduc alberta, and I was just wondering what kind of licenses and permits you would need to do so.

Patricia Klak answered:

The types of licenses and permits can vary from one business to the next. Without knowing the specifics of your business, such as where the store would be located, and what other inventory you might keep, I would advise you to drop into our offices so that we can assist you better.

The Leduc/Nisku Economic Development Authority tries to provide one stop services for business owners and once we know what forms you need we will be able to get them for you and help you complete them.

We also provide assistance for business plan writing, locating a space, and where to go for financing.

We are located at:
6422-50 Street
Leduc, AB
T9E 7K9

About the author

Patricia Klak is the executive director of the Leduc/Nisku Economic Development Authority.

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