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Risk of copyright

Expert: Leslie Ellen Harris

Rob asked:

I would like to include the drawing of a map on my book which I recreated based on a similar map from a book. I have added/hid/changed data, symbols, colours, size of the map. The outcome is that when you look at my map, it doesn't bear the impression of the original map. I would like to eventually publish and sell my book in future. Q: Am I possibly infringing on the copyrignt of the original map? Please advise.

Leslie Ellen Harris answered:

This is not legal advice or opinion and proper advice should be obtained when necessary.

It is best to go to the original source/map or a map that is in the public domain. Otherwise you may be at risk for reproducing anything other than a very small portion of a copyright-protected map, if you do not obtain permission.

Lesley Ellen Harris
Copyright Law
Author, Canadian Copyright Law (McGraw-Hill Ryerson)

About the author

Leslie is a Copyright, licensing and e-commerce lawyer/consultant who works on legal, business and strategic issues in the publishing, content, entertainment, Internet and information industries. She authored Canadian Copyright Law (McGraw-Hill Ryerson). Learn more about Leslie at

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