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Retail Sales Tax

Expert: James Romao

Adele asked:

How do I sign up for on-line remitting of my retail sales tax.

James Romao answered:

Assuming that you are already registered for BC PST, in order to sign up for electronic filing you will need to contact your bank and enroll in the on-line service. Once this is done, your information is sent to the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue for review. Approval or non-approval is received within 3 days. The bank will then activate the on-line service or advise of the reason for non-approval.

One thing to be aware of, is that when using electronic tax filing services by one of the approved financial institutions, each financial institution has established a cut-off time/date to ensure your tax return and payment are received by the Ministry on time. You should be aware of these deadlines to ensure the Ministry receives your remittances on time.

Also note that this is a service provided by your local financial institution, therefore any technical support issues should be directed back to them, rather than the Ministry.

This information was obtained through the Government of BC website, at

About the author

James Romao is a Commodity Tax Specialist in Calgary, for Meyers Norris Penny LLP.

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