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Stat holidays in Manitoba

Expert: Employment Standards of Manitoba

Judy asked:

I have a small business in manitoba.My employees are part time. They work 8 hour days but only 12 in a 30 day period. My question is about stat holidays. It's my understanding that in Manitoba they must work 15 days in the 30 days prior to a stat holiday to qualify for payment of the stat. Is this correct? They work approximately 12 days in the period prior to the holiday and 12 days during the 30 day period after.

Employment Standards of Manitoba answered:

Since April 30, 2007 all employees, full and part time are eligible for General Holiday (Stat holiday) pay, regardless of how often they work. They are paid 5% of their wages in the 28 days before the general holiday.

You can find more information on the General Holiday fact sheet.,gen-holidays-after-april-30-07,factsheet.html.

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