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Expert: Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

Jennifer asked:

How do you find a legally registered business name in Ontario for a company to file for small claims court?

Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP answered:

There are two databases that are available to the public, as well as the legal profession.



The ONCORP system is more user friendly, with better help screens and very competent support staff should you encounter any difficulties.

Both systems offer the user the means to purchase a report by way of credit card.

In both systems, the area of the site you will go to is Business Names/Limited Partnerships Report, which will bring you to the area of the site that is linked to the business names/limited partnerships database.

Using ONCORP as an example:

Once you choose the type of report you wish (certified/uncertified), you are taken to the terms and conditions page which sets out the terms for your using the system. It also sets out the minimum requirements your computer needs to have before you are able to order the search.

Once you confirm the terms, you will then be taken to the search screen which will then allow you to complete your search.

In the ONCORP system they have quick tips to follow when searching for a business name which will assist you in narrowing the results (the maximum number of results that the enhanced business name search database can return is 120 - you will be asked to refine your search parameters if this is the case).

Once you confirm the business name you are searching for, and submit it, the database will be searched and a report will be generated. This can take up to a half hour or so sometimes, depending on the time of day you do your search and how busy the system is with searches.

Once the search result is obtained, you simply open the report and print it off.

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