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Vacation Pay for Part-time Employees

Expert: Mario Cywinski

Rkoppert asked:

How do we handle stat pay, in a retail store, for part-time employees who only work on average 10 hours per week?

Mario Cywinski answered:

A lot of this information can be found on our story on vacation time and pay. It can be found here:

According to the labour boards of various provinces, as we do not know what province you are in. In British Columbia and Newfoundland, vacation pay is paid after the fifth day of work, while in New Brunswick, the vacation pay is calculated on a time period between July 1 and June 30. Every other province and territory in Canada determines vacation pay after the first day of work.

Every province apart from Saskatchewan (which is 6 per cent), calculate 4 per cent of your wages from the first day you are entitled to vacation pay.

Where things can get complicated is if the employee does not work a complete year at the company. If they have not taken their vacation time or received their vacation pay, they will be paid it out on their last pay. This varies by province. Please see our vacation pay article to see each province's regulations.

About the author

Mario Cywinski was the Assistant Editor of and a graduate of Humber College's Journalism Program. Mario is currently the Managing Editor for Canadian Automotive Fleet and Fleet Vans and Trucks magazines, and is a member of AJAC. He has also worked for Trajan Publishing Corporation as a copy editor, and interned at ABC News, OMNI Television and Global TV.

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