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How does a Canadian company go about setting up a U.S. address?

Expert: Jim Kendle

Max asked:

I have an online business based in Quebec. Most of my suppliers are U.S. based, as well as most of my clients. Considering all the importing / customs hassle, time and money, I am looking at getting my supply to a U.S. address then shipping my products directly from that address to my U.S. clients.

What implications, business-wise and legally-wise would that have, from a U.S. and a Canadian standpoint? Do I have to have an U.S. registered business do do this, or am I alright with my Canadian Sole Proprietorship?

Jim Kendle answered:

You can set up a U.S. warehouse and be provided with a U.S. contact if you want. You can also set up a U.S. bank account with a bank out of the U.S. and they will do credit card processing in American funds to put it into a U.S. account

You can also write U.S. cheques to their any suppliers in the states and even to their own Canadian business account. There is no legal requirements that I know of to operate like this.

I would avoid setting up and registering a U.S. company as you should be fine to go the way you are.

About the author

Jim Kendle co-founded and sold a pet food company, Paws4us. Today he runs a company that specializes in distribution management and logistics, Team Play.

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