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Ask an Expert

Starting a wedding decor business

Expert: George Dube

Karen asked:

I am looking to start a wedding decor business, what taxes am I required to charge my customers for the decorating services they require for their wedding?

George Dube answered:

GST/HST (if in a HST province) will certainly be applicable to your business. Depending on the exact nature of the products/services sold, and the province you reside in, you may have to charge applicable provincial sales taxes. You can discuss with your accountant or the provincial sales tax help line whether or not provincial taxes are required.

If speaking with the help line, ask for a reference to one of their online bulletins which describes when/whether taxes are required so you have a future reference and have a better chance of verifying the accuracy of the help. Further you may see some additional details which may change the interpretation of whether or not the sales taxes are required.

About the author

George Dube is a C.A. with Dube & Associates Professional Corporation, Chartered Accountants.

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