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Ask an Expert

Find a Market for Freelance Photo Art

Expert: Andre Amyot

Daryl Dooks asked:

I am putting together information on starting a Web-based photography business that sells fine art/wall decor landscape prints. I want to find out how I can find my target market, i.e. how to identify them, how to reach them.

Andre Amyot answered:

Fine art photography as well as landscape images are progressively getting recognition in the home decor area. We are starting to see photographs in magazines that feature home decor that include photography, and it is about time.

I would suggest to your subscriber to start looking at the interior decorator market, as they along with architects are the ones who will make the suggestion to homeowners or public building designers to consider photography as a means of wall decor. Since this is a high-end product, I think Mr. Dooks should concentrate his efforts towards that market and price his product accordingly. The perception of the buying public is that if it's expensive, it is worth something.

I would start by selecting interior designers who already use photography; you can find these people by looking at interior design and architectural magazines. Usually, the names of the designers or architects will appear in the article. If there is no mention of their names, a simple call or email to the magazine editor will get you this information. Get acquainted with the person and show your material. If they show interest in your style, ask to be part of their next project.

Photo art galleries may be another starting point, and you can find the addresses of these galleries with the local Chamber of Commerce and in the local library by searching for art galleries. This can also be done via the Internet.

Trade shows featuring design and furniture are another great place to exhibit and get contacts with interior designers.

Mr Dooks will probably have to make some public appearances to gather traffic on his website. As many people found out after the initial e-commerce wave that the traditional way of getting contacts remains and the Internet does not totally replace human networking.

Another way to reach a larger audience is to join or contact designers" and architects" associations, get a copy of their magazines or newsletters and publish an article on the values of fine art and landscape photography, not forgetting to buy ad space in the same magazine and in future issues. Of course, this ad would list your features of doing business online, etc.

On the website, images will need to be presented in a fashionable way with suggested settings done by interior decorators and supported by testimonials of the homeowners who show their satisfaction with the product. Images will need to appear on screen very quickly to keep the attention of the person browsing. Many fine-tuning techniques that involve the Internet must be considered. Professional multimedia marketers should be contacted for this portion. The website must have a good balance of design and merchandising, making it easy for the buyer to get all the information needed, or else they keep on surfing.

This could be a great way to launch an e-business, but it will not all be done via the Internet, in my opinion.

About the author

Andre Amyot is a coach for the professional photographer. He can be reached at or by telephoning 450-548-2004.

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