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Workplace Stress

Expert: Colin Argyle

R. Hammond asked:

I am very stressed and nervous at work lately due to my job and employees in the union. I have been there 9 years and don't want to quit. I think I might have a nervous break down. I don't know where to turn.

Colin Argyle answered:

The Ontario Federation of Labour is an organization of affiliated unions from across the province. We do not dictate to our affiliates how they deal with their membership. However, each of our affiliate unions have structures in place to deal with such issues. I would suggest firstly that you contact the head of your organization and raise your concerns there.

Some unions also negotiate an Employee Assistance Program in which a member with family, workplace, substance abuse problems etc can access counseling in order to deal with their issues. There also is an obligation on the employer to insure that every employee is provided with a safe, healthy and harassment free workplace, so if you have not raised this issue with your employer, you should do so very soon.

About the author

Colin Argyle is a project coordinator at the Ontario Federation of Labour.

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