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Does vacation pay need to be paid out, if two weeks were already taken?

Expert: Howard Levitt

Jessica asked:

An employee has given two weeks notice and we were wondering if we are required to give them vacation pay for time worked since the last vacation they took was two weeks in the summer of 2009 (for that instance we just paid them what we normally would have if they were at work). What is the procedure?

Howard Levitt answered:

The fact that an employee resigned does not obviate the employer's obligation to provide vacation time or pay in lieu for the time that they did work.

About the author

Howard Levitt, Counsel to the national law firm Lang Michener. He is author of, The Law of Dismissal in Canada, The Quick Reference Guide to Employment Law and an upcoming book on Canadian Hiring Law. He is Editor In Chief of the Dismissal & Employmnet Law Digest.

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