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Does GST get refunded for US residents?

Expert: Hank Bulmash

C Winger asked:

If I am an American and get my car repaired in Canada, can I get a refund of the GST or PST I pay? Will I have to pay tax or any other charges for the repairs done when I return to the US (at customs?)

Hank Bulmash answered:

You can't get a refund of the GST paid to get your car repaired. There used to be a rebate for certain touring expenses incurred by visitors to Canada, the rebates were available for tour packages and hotel rooms, but that program ended in 2007.

I can't tell you about US customs law, you'd need a US advisor to discuss that. However, I don't believe that you would have to pay a US tax in respect of car repairs made in Canada.

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Hank Bulmash
Bulmash Accounting Professional Corporation/CPA
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