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Business Networking

Expert: Donna Messer

Patricia asked:

I belonged to a Business Women's Network that met once a month in Toronto. Does this group or one similar to it still exist? I've been speaking with some friends and if we can't find such a group we are going to start our own. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Donna Messer answered:

I think you might be referring to WBOC - Women Business Owners Of Canada - I was on the board of directors for that organization, but it has folded. BWC will be establishing a BWC Network in 2003 - for all of the readers, subscribers, writers and advertisers! We hope to you come on board!

We are also launching an initiative that will see women from coast to coast meet each other via a business tour we will be making during 2003 - The tour, entitled "I think I can" is an exciting opportunity for me to link everyone in my audience - to everyone in every audience.........I think I can.........and I will!

About the author

Donna Messer is the President of ConnectUs Communications. She is the founder of Orange Crate, a company that manufactures gourmet, herbs, spices and potpourri. She is also a former Director of Agriculture for the State of Illinois in Canada, and past Chair of Women in Food Industry Management and the Canadian Specialty Food Association. A video of Donna's story - 2nd Chance is on her website Visit her on Google+.

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