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Are There Licenses Required in Order to Open a Travel Agency?

Expert: Brian Schwartzendruber

Colleen asked:

I am interested in opening a travel company to organize people at resorts, for example a "singles travel company" linking singles to other singles all over the world. What kind of licenses would I have to have if I'm running the business in Alberta?

Brian Schwartzendruber answered:

In the province of Alberta there are no specific registrations or licenses you require in order to open a travel agency. However, there are some municipalities or regions within the province that will require you to obtain a business license if you are going to be operating a travel agency. Some do not require a license at all. You will have to check with your local government.

In addition, if you are going to be running this business from your home, you should check with your local city hall or regional government to see if there are any specific regulations you must follow regarding any kind of business run from home.

About the author

Brian Schwartzendruber is a Regional Manager in the Alberta office of the Association of Canadian Travel Agents.

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