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Locating a Sales Team for a Product Launch

Expert: Anna Fredericks

Azeem asked:

I want to locate companies that have sales teams that go out and sell the products of companies that engage them. I am a manufacturer of apparel and am in the process of considering launching my own product in the North American market. I am located in the greater Toronto area.

Anna Fredericks answered:

The Canadian Professional Sales Association has a job search service titled CareerMall. You can advertise your sales opportunities on CPSA's enhanced CareerMall site where they will be seen by thousands of candidates from across Canada and access resumes from a database of over 400,000 resumes. Postings remain online for three weeks and can be updated at any time. Some of the benefits of advertising are that you can have resumes emailed to you directly, send customized replies back to candidates; track and shortlist candidates, and find out how many candidates have reviewed your opportunity. CPSA members receive a 10% discount on all postings.

About the author

Anna Fredericks is a Manager of the Canadian Professional Sales Association's Sales Resource Centre.

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