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Are There Grants or Loans Available for Disabled Entrepreneurs?

Expert: Gina Van Helvoirt

Theresa-Maria asked:

Are there any grants or loans available for disabled entrepreneurs for a business start-up in the province of BC? I live in the northern community of Prince George.

Gina Van Helvoirt answered:

While there are many government programs available for people to access, few have money attached to them. Generally the programs have training or information available, and if there is grant money available the program is usually targeted to a specific industry and has even more specific criteria for applying to the program.

Looking for the information can be time consuming but worth it if you find what you are looking for. There are a number of provincial government programs available to entrepreneurs with disabilities to apply for, as well as Human Resources Development Canada's Opportunity Fund for Persons with Disability.

Information in regards to Government Programs, grants and innovation can be viewed at the following websites:

Keep in mind that information about Government Programs is available free of charge. People do not have to pay for this information nor to have it sent to them.

[Editor's note: As you investigate the links above, look at a program called the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program. It's designed to help people with disabilities in rural areas of western Canada.]

About the author

Gina Van Helvoirt is a Research Coordinator at the Community Futures Development Corporation of Fraser Fort George.

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