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Purchasing Computer Equipment for Reselling Purposes

Expert: Karl Andrus

Sohail asked:

I am trying to open a business selling used notebooks. Are there any leasing or rental companies I can buy from in Canada?

Karl Andrus answered:

The major laptop computer manufacturers and leasing companies in Canada have existing contracts with other companies to handle the refurbishment and reselling of returned and leased computer equipment. Because of the value and volume of these contracts, well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, spanning thousands of machines, it is pretty much impossible for a reseller who is just starting up to go directly to the manufacturer or leasing company to purchase equipment for reselling.

Established refurbishing companies already have the presence and resources to get the large contracts with manufacturers and leasing companies. These refurbishing companies are the ideal source for resellers, and potential resellers like you, for buying used equipment for retail sale. Refurbishing companies will provide you with functional, like-new, packaged equipment, ready for retail sale.

In order to purchase from a refurbishing company, you must first get a PST exemption number from the provincial government the refurbishing company operates out of, and then submit an application to the company for a reseller or wholesaler's license.

Contact information for AR Refurbishing is available on their website at

About the author

Karl Andrus is a Purchaser for AR Refurbishing.

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