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Importing Flowers Into Canada

Expert: Michelle Collins

Vinicio asked:

How can I contact importers of tropical cut flowers into Canada?

Michelle Collins answered:

To start things off I contacted a wholesale flower distributor in Ontario, Canada and asked a manager to explain how they acquire their flowers.

The person I spoke to explained that as a wholesale distributor they deal directly with exporters in different countries. (The vendor that we spoke with has their flowers imported from China.)

So, to sell your flowers to Canadian wholesalers, you will need to market to them directly. There are many ways you can do this, from creating a mailing list of wholesalers and contacting them via mail or email, or by advertising in industry trade magazines.

If you are looking to use the Internet to build a list of prospective customers, two good places to start are and Using these online directories you can research distributors in any city or province in Canada. I would recommend trying larger cities such as Toronto, Ontario or Vancouver, British Columbia to get started.

Your business category would be Flowers & Plants Artificial Whol & Mfrs.

About the author

Michelle Collins is a staff writer with®

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