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Funeral Leave in B.C.

Expert: David Boyle

Tony asked:

One of our sales people asked if we have a paid leave policy for time off to attend the funeral of an immediate family member. We don't, but what are others doing? Our sales staff work on commission only, so it's not as if a salary can be paid while they're off.

David Boyle answered:

There are three aspects to your question that need to be addressed.

One: many companies have a policy which permits a one day leave for the death of a friend, and three days for a family member. There are several variations on this but these are the typical guidelines.

Two: in most companies salary is not paid for the leave but employees may be allowed to use accumulated vacation or sick days to cover. Very few companies will pay for a funeral leave.

Three: sales people on commission are allowed authorized leaves but without pay. It is assumed they can make up the commission difference later.

About the author

David Boyle is a partner with HR on Demand. You can find him on the web at

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