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Federal and Provincial Loan Programs

Expert: Julie King

Bea asked:

I'm starting my own business. I need funding and I heard about "grants". How can I access them? I don't really want to go to banks for loans. I think I wouldn't be so free. Please advise.

Julie King answered:

Many entrepreneurs start a business with the feeling that there is a large pot of government financing that would be available to them, if only they knew where to apply. This simply is not true. The majority of government grants are directed at the not-for-profit sector.

With that being said, there are some grant and loan programs that are targeted by region, industry or a distinct business characteristic. I've put together a couple of links that will help you search for grant programs.

To search for federal programs only:

To search for programs by province:

About the author

Julie King is the co-founder and managing editor of CanadaOne, Canada's first small business portal.

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