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Canadian Industry Statistics

Expert: CanadaOne staff

Antoinette asked:

What is the annual revenue generated by personnel agencies in Toronto?

CanadaOne staff answered:

It can be difficult to find answers to very specific questions about statistical data, as most researchers only publish a selection of their data online. Nonetheless, after researching your question we have found the following web pages which may be useful to you.

Performance Plus is an online tool that the government has put together to help companies benchmark their businesses against others in their industry. By entering the SIC code for the industry you're researching (if you don't know it you will be prompted at this site) and putting in some data (you can skip this and the end result will still work) you are able to bring up low, medium and high overall balance sheet results for companies in your industry, revenues included. You will find this tool online at:

We believe your industry's SIC codes were 7711 Employment Agencies, and 7712 Personnel Suppliers. However, it seems that these were changed in 1998.

Industry Canada also publishes Canadian industry statistics on Strategis at:

Below are two other links that are helpful when researching a Canadian industry. The GDSourcing site is specifically focused on small business research, while the Statistics Canada site will provide you with a wealth of information. (Some of the content on the Statistics Canada site requires a fee.)

Specific information on personnel or temp agencies on

Industry trade publications are other sources that often collect and publish this information.

As well, while it is always a good idea to look for information online you may also want to visit the reference section of your local library for more information, where you will likely find the fee-based content on Statistics Canada along with other data.

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