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Store Planning and Design

Expert: Julie King

Wulfing asked:

I am interested in finding printed materials on what constitutes a good store layout. Where should fixtures be placed? Where should categories of product be located?

Julie King answered:

To answer your question I did a number of keyword searches, and found the following, which should help you.
This is the site of a publisher that specializes in "... providing retailers, advertising professionals, architects, store planners and visual merchandisers with an easy and affordable way to see what's new and successful in their particular fields.". There are two main sections to visit here: books and publications. Under the books section you will find a wide variety of books. Under publications there are three magazines that would seem to meet your needs Retail Ad World, Store Planning & Design Review, and Views & Reviews.

You can receive a free catalogue from Retail Reporting by filling out their online questionnaire at:

I then looked on, where I found a number of books on this topic

Influencing Sales Through Store Design (Mellen Studies in Business, V. 14)
ISBN 0773475982    2001 Back Ordered @ Amazon

Dynamics of Property Location (may not be exactly on topic)
ISBN 0415246458    not published yet - due out this September

Retail Impact Assessment - A Guide to Best Practice
ISBN 0415216664    2000

The Budget Guide to Retail Store Planning and Design
ISBN 0944094104    1995

Store Planning/Design History, Theory, Process
ISBN 0471594881    1994

Retail Store Planning and Design Manual
ISBN 087102117X    1980

I also found several used books available for sale, including:

Designing to Sell - A Complete Guide to Retail Store Planning and Design
ASIN 0070038880    1990

You may wish to check your local library system first before buying these books. The prices and availability of used books vary, so it is best to log in directly to Amazon's web site:

I hope that these book lists will be useful to you.

About the author

Julie King is the co-founder and managing editor of CanadaOne, Canada's first small business portal.

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