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Emerging Publisher Grants

Expert: CanadaOne

Gina asked:

I've set up a home-based publishing company and have printed a successful multilingual publication. I would like to apply for a government grant (federal, provincial, or local). What do I do and whom do I approach? I am a resident of Ontario.

CanadaOne answered:

There are federal government grants that may assist you. These are called Emerging Publisher Grants and they are designed to help small and emerging publishers to grow to a level where they might be eligible for block grant support. The grants range between $5,000 to $25,000. To obtain more information about the program, call this toll free number 1-800-263-5588 or visit

You might also like to try applying for a grant under the multilingual publication section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The translation grant program provides funding for the translation of Canadian works written in English, French or any Aboriginal language into any of these languages. For more information, call 613-566-4414 ext. 5088 or 613-566-4414 ext. 4573.

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