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Exporting CD-ROMs to the U.S.

Expert: Gerry Snyder

Randy asked:

I have written a CD-ROM tutorial for professional wedding photographers which will be marketed and sold via website, email and a 1-800 number. I want to mail the item directly to purchasers in the U.S. Should I concern myself with "export regulations" or duty and taxes?

Gerry Snyder answered:

No, because software is duty free in the United States. Please refer to sections 85-24-31 (pre-packaged software) under the U.S. Customs Tariff, which can be found by visiting (under importing and exporting).

Although there are no duties or tariffs to pay, make sure that your commercial invoice properly describes the goods and that the courier company code number – if you decide to courier the CD-ROM to purchasers – is declared with U.S. Customs.

About the author

Gerry Synder is a trade policy officer within the international trade division of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.

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