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Self publishing a book

Expert: Reg

Val asked:

"My question is ... Am I required by law to hold a business licence if I intend to sell a self published book?"

Reg answered:

"There are a number of rules and regulations which deserve investigation before starting your business. If you are situated in Ontario, take the time to call Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre at 416-954-4636 or 1-800-567-2345, or visit the Canada Business Service Centres website. This service offers a wide range of advice, including information about registering a sole ownership / partnership or incorporating a company. You will also be able to source information concerning business licences, provincial tax regulations and GST requirements. The Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre utilizes a self-help telephone menu system but you can also reach a "real" person. If you reside outside Ontario, check the blue pages of your phone book for similar government services in your area.

You should also consider speaking to a lawyer and an accountant before moving ahead with your business venture. This may seem like overkill at this point but you want to make certain your business is properly set up from day one. Invest a little time and money now and you could minimize problems when your enterprise begins to grow."

About the author

Reg has authored several books, including: From Starting to Marketing… YOUR OWN CONSULTING BUSINESS. He is currently writing, guest lecturing and providing consultative marketing support to businesses. See the following Web site for more details about all his books and lectures.

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