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Reasons for Firing

Expert: Rose McKenzie

Stacy asked:

In an unemployment report, I used the reason for firing as "unbecoming as a sales representative". I really think this was a wrong move. The employee was fired for disruptive behavior and threatening other employees. Please advise.

Rose McKenzie answered:

Jargon Definition: Cause refers to when you've lost your job because of something you've done at work.

Many employers in your situation select K (other) on their Record of Employment (ROE) when listing their reason for firing, along with a note to call for information.

If a person files a claim for UI and they lose their job for cause, HRDC will call the employer to find out what happened & then get a rebuttal from the employee. Should the employee appeal, they will have access to the ROE that you filed.

You can issue an amended record of employment with "K (other) call for details" listed as the reason for firing the employee. However, since the original has already been issued the employee can still access it. You can also issue a statement to clarify the original ROE, but again the employee in question will have access to that if they appeal.

It would be a good idea to document the incidents, dates, etc. when you had work-related problems with this employee, if you have not done so already. Otherwise, the next time you're facing a similar situation, you'll probably want to enter K (other) - please call for information on the ROE.

About the author

Rose McKenzie works in the Record of Employment department at HRDC.'

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