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Who owns that domain?

Expert: William

Dennis asked:

"Is there any way or place that I can go to or use to find out what domain names are listed to a certain person? I know that I can check to see who owns a given domain, but I was wondering if there is any way to go the other way, to see what names are registered under a certain person or company."

William answered:

This is a simple inquiry that anyone can make. Use the same WHOIS tool at Network Solutions that you use for domain name queries. Instead of the 'dot-com' name, enter the name of the company or person, for example: a huge string of domains that Microsoft is hoarding.

Editor's note: To try this on any company, you'll need to know the organizational name the person or company is using in the WHOIS database. Once you have that, insert the URL William mentioned into the location field of your browser, replacing "microsoft" (without quotes) with the company name you are searching for. You may find that if the company you are searching for owns more than 50 domains, you can only get the first 50 results.

About the author

William C. Stratas is the President of, and is a web corporate communications specialists. You can visit his website at:

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