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Exporting Handcuffs to Canada

Expert: Julie King

Rick asked:

I usually do business in the United States but last week I received a call from a Canadian businessman who wanted to buy a large quantity of handcuffs (made in Taiwan) from my business. My business is a very small business and I have never exported anything outside the U.S. before. I wanted to know if I can export these handcuffs and what paperwork I would have to submit when I ship them.

Julie King answered:

On the Canadian end, here is a past ask-an-expert column that addresses your question:

You may also want to talk to an export agency in the U.S., to find out if there is anything on the U.S. end that you'll need to take care of. Most countries encourage exports, so there may even be an agency or program that can help you export your products. Here are a collection of links that can help you find additional information in this regard:

U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEAC)

Export Marketing Assistance


U.S. Customs: Automated Export System

U.S. Customs: Import/Export

About the author

Julie King is the co-founder and managing editor of CanadaOne, Canada's first small business portal.

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