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Clothing Fairs

Expert: CanadaOne

Prakash asked:

"I am looking for retail clothing trade shows that are scheduled in Ontario for 1999. I sell clothes for men, women and children and shall be coming from India to participate in these garments fairs and shows to exhibit my products."

CanadaOne answered:

"The comprehensive list of retail trade shows is at the Canadian Apparel Federation (CAF) website. Here you will find show listings, supplier, and manufacturer contacts, and links to other great websites.

You can also do a search here on the CAF website for trade shows. You can search all types of categories, including men-women-children's wear, sports/active wear, textiles, fur, leather, and gifts.

The CAF site also has a great directory of manufacturers, suppliers, and educational programs.

For further information, you can contact the CAF at
160 Slater St., Suite 1050
Ottawa, ON
K1P 6E2
phone: (613) 231-3220 fax: (613) 231-2305

Good luck at the shows!"

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