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Searching for RFP Depositories

Expert: CO Staff

Michael asked:

Is there a RFP depository for all private companies in Canada? Where do I start to search for them?

CO Staff answered:

Our research shows that there is no single Canadian depository for RFPs. However, if you are looking for a source of business leads, on-line exchanges - or web-based "virtual marketplaces" - may be helpful for you. These exchanges promise to revolutionize the customer-acquisition process. They can be a fast and effective way for small business owners to have access to market sectors that they may never have reached in the past.

There are several Canadian RFP exchanges. For starters, you might like to visit, a business-to-business services marketplace based in Toronto. This site promises to help companies develop local, national and international business relationships, attract new customers and find suppliers for services.

Another Web site that may be worth visiting is because it offers people a chance to view and search thousands of government contracts free of charge. There is a small fee, however, for more detailed information about a specific RFP. You might also like to view It has a submission/response tool that allows you to search for specific invitation of bids in Canada and foreign countries.

There are also many sector specific RFP exchanges. A few examples are:; and,4.

If you'd like to conduct searches on your own, the search engines are a good place to start. A few good ones to try include: and

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