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Does Importing Insulation into Canada Require Approval?

Expert: CO Staff

Harry asked:

I'm planning to import house insulation material (natural non-toxic material) from Europe. Before I do this, do I have to obtain approval of this material by an inspection department or can I start distributing that product immediately to Canadian builders?

CO Staff answered:

Thank you for your question. Yes, you need approval before importing this type of material into Canada. A representative at the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency advised that you take the following steps:

  1. You should begin by bringing a picture or a sample of the material you would like to import to the Trade Administration Services Branch of Canada Customs which is located at 1 Front Street West, Toronto (if your business is located in Ontario). Their telephone number is: 416-973-1731. For other locations across Canada, visit

  2. The representative advised that you obtain a tariff ruling which classifies the item being brought into Canada. This ruling is free of charge. At this stage, you should be prepared to provide specific information about the product, where the product is being purchased and any invoices associated with the product. Certain items may need additional permits. Be sure to ask the inspection officer if your product falls under a special category.

    Also, we spoke to Mr. Klaus Ruhland within the Export/Import Control Bureau (a section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) and he suggested that in addition to Canada Customs" permits, you may need certification before the insulation is commercially applied. If you intend to sell the insulation to a contractor, Ruhland said that approval from the Canadian Standards Association is necessary. For more information about CSA Approval, please visit

    More detailed information about importing and exporting other products into Canada can be found at under the trade section.

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