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Market Research: Finding the Numbers

Expert: CO staff

John asked:

I have just registered a company and I am in the process of doing a business plan. I am having a very hard time finding information on my target market (i.e.: how many people are confined to wheelchairs in Montreal and the surrounding area). Statistics Canada is not up to date and does not get that detailed. Do you know of any other place that I could find such information?

CO staff answered:

"We went to the Quebec provincial government for the information, and they directed us to the Office des Personnes Handicapees du Quebec (OPHQ).

There are presently 9800 people in wheelchairs in Montreal and the surrounding area. Sophie Janik in the library at the OPHQ compiled the information for us through a variety of sources. You can reach her in the library at (514) 864-2741 to inquire about it, and to ask any other questions you have.

You can reach the OPHQ at
600 Fullum Street, 5.06
Montreal, Quebec
H2K 3L6
(514) 873-3905
or visit their website at

**NOTE: the majority of the staff at the OPHQ office are French speaking. There is a lady named Janic McCaie that speaks English, and was very helpful. You can reach her at (514) 873-3634."

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