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Starting a Calgary Night Club

Expert: CO staff

Chris asked:

I am thinking of starting a business within the next year in Calgary, Alberta. It will be a club. I was wondering how and where do I look for information on loans? I would also like to know where I would apply for a liquor licence and how to get video and lottery terminals.

CO staff answered:

Thank you for submitting your question to us. Our team at CanadaOne investigated your question and found some resources that should be able to help you.

When we looked into your question, we found out that obtaining a liquor licence is a very lengthy paperwork process, so you should be sure to have all of your financial and development plans in order. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will answer all of your questions prior to applying for the licence and will walk you through the process. GALC will also help you with video and lottery terminal registration.

You can reach the Gaming and Liquor Commission at (780) 447-8600 or on their Web site at

There are also many places that offer assistance to start-up businesses. Here are a selection of resources in Alberta:

Business Link Business Service Centre: 1-800-272-9675.

Calgary Business Information Centre: (403) 221-7800 (provides you with information on financing and the different programs available for starting a small business)

Alberta GST contacts: Edmonton: B. Titanich, district manager, I and S, Revenue Canada (403) 221-3070

Calgary: Information Services Officer, Revenue Canada (403) 495-3200

Calgary Planning and Development: 268-5351

The Virtual Business Link:

Alberta First.Com:

Alberta Government Web site:

A business start-up guide with Alberta-specific information:

The Centre for Business Development, Alberta Northwest:

The Industry Canada Web site: (also offers many resources and links, including financing and help organizations)

And of course, be sure to check in with CanadaOne on a regular basis!

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