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Drop-Shipping Companies

Expert: CO staff

Sandy asked:

Is drop shipping legal in Canada? Are there any companies that will allow me to drop ship their products in Canada? I sell beeswax candles and religious goods (crosses, bibles, etc). Are there companies in Canada that would let me open a drop-shipping account?

CO staff answered:

Drop shipping is definitely legal in Canada, and there are a number of "fulfillment" or "warehousing" companies that can help you get your product to your buyer.

One of the key factors you will have to address when sourcing drop-shipping companies is volume. The more you ship, the easier it will be to find a warehouse that will be interested in your business. If you don't expect to ship a large volume, look for a warehouse that is willing to work with specialty products.

While CanadaOne cannot recommend specific companies to you, we can help you source prospective providers.

Word-of-mouth referrals from non-competing businesses that use fulfillment companies are always a good starting point. You can also look for suppliers in your local Yellow Pages and on the Internet.

When searching online, "warehousing," "warehouses merchandise," "manufacturers agents," and "distributors" are good keywords to use in your searches. We obtained them through the Yellow Pages, which is a good starting point. You can search the Canadian Yellow Pages online at:

Here are some other Web sites that you can use to search for Canadian companies:

CanadaOne's Business Directory:


Strategis" Company Directory:

Good luck with your search!

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