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Loans Resources in Halifax, N.S.

Expert: CO staff

Janet asked:

I am a 25-year-old woman, working full time and would like to start a small business in my spare time. What government loans or grants are out there to help me with any start up costs surrounding this? I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CO staff answered:

"There are many young entrepreneur programs available for people starting their own businesses. We went to the Self-Employment Development Initiative (SEDI) program, and they recommended the following resources for you. In the Halifax area, you can contact any of the following organizations for assistance and information.

Ellen Stevens is said to be the top person to talk to about small business financing – whether it be programs, or where to get it, she can help. She currently runs Build Right in Halifax, a young entrepreneur program for people starting a business specifically in the construction field. You can contact her at (902) 455-5366

The YMCA is another great start. They have an enterprise centre in Halifax. The CEED program in Halifax is another resource.

Your local chapter of the Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) can also help you with starting the small business, and financing. Check out the Nova Scotia website at

Good luck with your new business!"

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