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Public Relations companies (in Ontario)

Expert: Zuhair (Kash) Kashmeri

Alma asked:

I am doing research for public relation companies that operate in Ontario. I would like to know if there are organizations for PR companies in Ontario. If I want to make a promotion, whom exactly should I target (any database with member listing). How can I advertise to them (if there are any magazines, newsletters, etc.)

Zuhair (Kash) Kashmeri answered:

The Canadian Public Relations Society is an excellent source for public relations. It has a member base of over 1700 in Canada, and you can contact members through their website: It also offers a resource library, publication listing, articles, and lots of information on the society.

Also check out Marketing magazine at . Public relations and marketing people all over the country read it – it is a valuable resource for them and you in return. It would be a great starting point.

Strategy: The Canadian Marketing Report magazine at is also an excellent resource. You can read articles on their website, and it has a new media section, feature articles, and a directory of where to contact people the magazine has written about in the past.

About the author

Zuhair (Kash) Kashmeri is with Media Minders, a communications and

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