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Every Contract is Different

Expert: John Williston, spokesperson for the Canada Post Corporation,

Janice asked:

Can an employer (Canada Post) give another person the remainder of a contract after a contractor resigns or does he have to put it up for tender again? Are there any laws governing contracts?

John Williston, spokesperson for the Canada Post Corporation, answered:

"Canada Post engages in many different kinds of contracts each year, with both businesses and individuals. These contracts can provide us with goods and services or provide our services to the public through franchisees, rural route carriers and transportation companies, to name a few.

Contracts we engage generally refer to the nature of the contract and how it is to be carried out. It is usual for the contract to state under what circumstances it can be ended.

Because of the many varieties of contracts, it is impossible to discuss the many options that may be included. Contracts can be developed on a case by case basis and may include exceptional circumstances, while others may be relatively straightforward and routine.

With regard to the second question, the answer is yes, there is an entire area of the law in Canada known as Contract Law over which the courts have jurisdiction."

About the author

John Williston is a spokesperson for Canada Post.

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